Thanks to all who came out to our “Meet the candidate tour” at The Bier Stube Bar & Grill, hosted by our dear friend, Gayle Ashbridge, and music by the very talented Josh Bollin. It was an emotional night as Nicole Khoury was given something very special that belonged to her mentor, Joe Loeffler. Here is a quote from Nicole’s page: “What an emotional event. Thank you Gayle for hosting such a great time at the Bier Stube and Josh Bollin for supplying the tunes. It’s a bittersweet day, as I miss my mentor, the man that hired me, and always had my back, Joe Loeffler tonight. He taught me about fighting the good fight for those who don’t have a voice of their own, with the same passion and vigor that you would for your own “paying client”. I haven’t stopped doing that in 16 years and hope you’re looking upon me still proud today.” With Amber VanGunten, Martin Goff, John D. Birmingham, and John McMahon.