From Nicole’s personal Facebook page:

“Two years ago, Brandon Saba, Jeremy Fitzgerald, and I decided to volunteer our time to host another rock concert at Bar 145 – Toledo. This time we chose to include two great non profits– of course, Project iAmand we unanimously decided that we needed to do something about the opiate epidemic in our town. I had been working closely with the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office DART Unit officers in court since they started trying to help my clients with their addictions.

You might think it’s easy and fun to put on a rock show– but it takes hundreds of volunteer hours, heightened emotion, and sometimes tears. What’s my point? BEFORE elections, BEFORE notoriety, I’ve worked tirelessly to raise money for programs helping people dealing with this addiction. I’ve spoken to group after group about the court and how we are trying to attack these issues. I’ve held the hands of my client’s families while the wander in the lost vacuum that is addiction. I’ve received obituary after obituary and mourned the losses of the young people that we tried so hard to help. This isn’t a platform. It’s what I do, and have done, every day since I started practicing law.

I look fondly back on 9/12/2015 to all the people who helped that day, to my musical friends who gave so much time, and to all the people who helped us raise $15,000 for a local program who has gone on to receive national recognition for all the good they are doing.”