Laura's Story – Nicole for Judge

Laura, a victim of domestic abuse, found herself in a difficult situation after turning to alcohol. "I credit Nicole with me wanting to find something that fit my needs as far as far as recovery went. I couldn't relate to AA. So we brought SMART Recovery to Northwest Ohio." Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story of how Nicole helped you, and why you endorse her for judge. #NicoleForJudge

Posted by Nicole Khoury for Judge on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why should you vote for Nicole Khoury for Toledo Municipal Court Judge? Kantrell shares his very personal journey, and explains why she has earned his vote. Kantrell, we want to thank you for being so candid. Your endorsement means so much. Keep on keeping on, Kantrell! You're doing great things for the community, too! #NicoleForJudge

Posted by Nicole Khoury for Judge on Friday, September 15, 2017

"I’m just a dad who lives here in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I’m part of a group nobody wants to be a part of, dealing with the opioid epidemic." Ross Horton, we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to talk to us. Your powerful story rings true for so many Toledo parents, family members, and friends of addicts. We hope everyone takes the time to listen.

Posted by Nicole Khoury for Judge on Monday, October 9, 2017

“What first struck me about Khoury during her undergraduate years was her commitment to the study of the law. This was her goal from the moment she set foot on the college campus, I think, and she shaped her entire program of study here around this objective. Let me emphasize that Khoury wasn’t one of the (many) students who settle on the law because they want lucrative careers or because they lack the imagination to consider an alternative. Khoury approached the law, not as a career but as a vocation. From the first time she sat in my classroom, then, Khoury was been a regular visitor in my office—to discuss some law-related issue that had cropped up in another of her classes, to ask for readings that she might pursue on her own, to ask about courses or research topics that might better prepare her eventually to study law. I have quite literally never met a young person more dedicated to the study of law, nor one who promised better to be a credit to the legal profession. Everything I know about her career evidences that her undergraduate commitment is still very much with her. In fact, I shall stop this effusiveness—justified though it is—and say simply that, if I’m ever in need of a lawyer and if Khoury should happen to be available, I’ll go to her: I know that she can get the job done and done right, and I know that I can trust her. In the current atmosphere of lawyer-bashing, I know no higher praise to give.” – James Stephens