To you, Nicole Khoury:
On behalf of your many volunteers, please know that it has been an honor to serve you on this noble endeavor. More importantly, it has been a privilege to serve our community because you represent ALL of us. We are the misfit collective. None of us politically connected or motivated. None of us of privilege or from wealth. You called us to a finer decorum. You urged us never to respond to the lies and dirt. You ensured that we didn’t ruin the lives or reputations of those who misrepresented the facts. You made us all better people. For this, we are convinced that you will be the best and most uniquely suited judge, representing and helping us- everyday people with everyday problems, all the while keeping the city that we love safe. We are proud of you, and know that empty promises or shallow buzzwords can never take away the good example that you have left this world during this beautiful campaign. You are grace and class personified. We love you. We love everything you represent, and we cannot wait for good to prevail.. . . . and it shall.
Alysha Lynn, Lexi Hayman-Staples, Nicho Flores, David Fleetwood, Thomas Enright, Meredith Soleau, Patrick Hendershott, Guy in the 419, Scott Hayes, Jay Leezus, Erica Tuite Kipnis, Jeanine Khoury, Nina Elliot, Shannon Haupricht, Ashley Kelley, Sarah Mettler, Alicia Allenbaugh, Daniel R Konesni, Ashley M Konesni, Natasha Salazar, Nate Khoury, Jeanine Khoury, Corey Coley, Corey Case, Dave Carpenter, Trez Gregory, Rita Seferian, Ashley Riddle, Ross Horton, Matt Revard, Rachel Ann, Chad Schultz, Gina Granados Schultz, Chad Turner, Kyle White Lay, Brandon Morris, DeeDee Khoury, Spencer Bownas,